why is steely dan so good

Bottom line, though, is that Royal Scam is a very cool record. I’ve always liked this one, if only for the marimba and enticing beat. The opening vamp, by the way, rips off Keith Jarrett’s “Long as You Know You’re Living Yours”, and he eventually got compensated for it. Doesn't mean they should be maligned just because they're from the past. “Boston Rag”: Slow verses and a broad chorus conjure an ominous reminiscence involving one Lonnie’s narcotic misadventure. As a former producer, I would get to a point where I had heard a mix so many ways that it all started to run together to me, and I had a hard time finding the 'best' mix. Can I trawl through, say, Aretha Franklin’s catalog and find more to like versus Prince or Neil Young? 11 votes, 36 comments. Notice the jazz cap-tips: there’s the vamp from Horace Silver’s “Song for My Father” underpinning “Rikki”, the “dizzy weekend” ethos of “Parker’s Band”, another bebop reference in “Monkey”, and I almost forgot to mention the spot-on cover of Duke’s “East St. Louis Toodle-oo”. It’s amazing what a little touring will do, along with more adventurous writing. I heard it means something naughty involving a woman's body part, but I hope not. (Plus a few guests, of course.) I’m most impressed with the harmonic modulations and how the emotions shift accordingly, as when Fagen sings the “Aja” refrain. For you younger people, Steely Dan was a rock band from the 1970's. “Bodhisattva”: This rocking overture was obviously geared for the stage and should be heard in that spirit. The sci-fi criminal fantasy “Sign in Stranger” moves to a skanky beat and soulful piano, and “The Fez”, love it or hate it, dives deep into the disco pocket, replete with synth strings and countless chord changes. On the positive side, the title track creates an insinuating blues mood, while the lovely hooks of “Any Major Dude” sink easily. “Glamour Profession” looks at an omnipresent drug dealer, set to an insistent disco beat and swimming in a pool of heady voicings. A song like “Pixeleen” exemplifies the Dan at their best; this funny ode to a digital heroine is rendered with all the sophistication of an oldie like “Glamour Profession” and has an extra hook in Carolyn Leonhart’s support vocal. Steely Dan was not a jazz group in practice, but they sure had the language down. The songs themselves are great. “The Good Songs,” Becker decided. Anyway, EMG is half brilliant, half acceptable, and at the very least, it provides some witty music you won’t find anywhere else. Steely Dan even went so far as to prompt their brilliant Grammy Award-winning Chief Engineer Roger Nichols to create a machine called to provide some of the drum and percussion sounds on the song "Hey Nineteen" from the Gaucho album (and a few years later on Donald Fagen's 1982 masterwork, The Nightfly). “Your Gold Teeth”: See how they roll. If you’re looking for a one-shot summation of Steely Dan’s brilliance, go to the title track “Aja”. There's a reason why "remastered" is part of the title of Then and Now: The Best of Steely Dan Remastered. I really like Steely Dan. “Any World That I’m Welcome To”: This one’s valuable for a lack of irony, a poignant musing on personal displacement. Perhaps the ensuing years of wrangling top players left the duo with a DIY sensibility, and there’s no denying the rightness of Becker’s basslines or Fagen’s keyboards. The recording aims for crystal clarity, although there were apparently problems with the original mastering (or noise reduction) equipment, leaving the album with a slightly thin sound and a crash cymbal that sounds like a sneeze. These guys are almost as fun to read as they are to listen to. Without a significant lyric, it falls into the “good filler” role. The next three albums are all track for track pretty much as perfect as they get. “Throw Back the Little Ones” It’s basically an instrumental that happens to have a vocal part. Countdown to Ecstasy This comeback effort picks up exactly where Gaucho left off – slick rhythm tracks, electric piano, diddly-do guitar, horns, and smarty lyrics. The Steely Dan back catalog was remastered in the late 1990s, and the reissues contain amusing liner note reflections from Donald and Walter. Any Steely Dan fans out there? It’s fine to obsess over that point the way Becker and Fagen did when it came to getting the exact perfect sound. Under the cover of a catchy chorus and/or polite groove, they sometimes slide into subversive subject matter, if only for comedic or ironic purpose. This is the most “adult” sounding Dan album to date, a difficult description to explain as they already sounded wise from the start. I have been a big fan of Steely Dan for quite some time. The music underscores the scenes with resigned verses, a wacked-out bridge, and jazzy interludes, the second of which features a wonderful Dias solo though the fadeout. (Neither of them play on “Negative Girl”, not the first time that’s happened.) The lyric is impenetrable unless one knows the old film of a similar name. The verse music conjures an appropriate feeling of uncertainty, while the chorus brings in heavenly female backing singers to hint at possible success (“See the glory of...”) only to have Fagen yank the rug out (“...the royal scam”). Listening to pretty much any Steely Dan song can best be described as swaddling into a virtuosic sonic cocoon, welcoming a dozen-plus instrumentalists to … The three best tracks appear at the beginning, middle, and end of the program. Again, I don’t know if these are all classic texts, but the performances win out. And why not – Becker and Fagen were far from creatively exhausted, although this album has some lame entries. Steely Dan was known as more of a studio band than a live group, but in the current music business, money is made by touring, so Steely Dan hit the road. Through the fadeout, Steve Gadd’s drum solo releases all of the song’s suggested feelings. I should say that I’m not as entranced by the introspective mini-epic “Deacon Blues” as everyone else seems to be, but I’m amazed by how well crafted it is, what with the umpteen modulations and finely calibrated arrangement. In “My Rival”, a sneaky groove, humid organ textures, and cool horn riffs underline a faux-sinister lyric. The dusty, acoustic “With a Gun” is SD’s best country excursion, done partly tongue in cheek. Everything Must Go Watching video of Steely Dan in the studio and reading stories of their recording obsession is simply mindblowing. And then there’s the global cat ‘n mouse story “Godwhacker”, the backing track of which is similar to Genesis’ “Just a Job To Do”, another hitman portrait. u/itsahhmemario. They may be "dated" but so is Muddy Waters or Bach, for that matter. Well, well, it wasn’t just a smash and grab, they actually kept going. The funk is funkier, the twang twangier, the seeds seedier, etcetera, in these tales of regret, school days, show biz, love, and doomsday survival. So the distinction that this 1993 collection is … (Can’t offer a lyrical interpretation, though.) The romping ode to bebop “Parker’s Band” references Fifty-Second Street and throws in a Bird-like quote at the end. The devil’s advocate might observe that the Dan’s last album (until their turn of the century reunion) is calculated to a fault, since studio indulgence will drain the life from music if gone unchecked, and I used to feel that way about most of Gaucho. Steely Dan is outstanding on vinyl and CD, but in concert it's not the same sound. They are the total package: I love the music and Reed’s whole journalism major-turned-poet laureate of downtown Manhattan thing, which helped him write some of the best lyrics in the American rock songbook. Maybe it started with my friend’s dad and his gold 1986 Porsche 930 that he got to keep in the divorce (a very Steely Dan-esque sort of thing) that always smelled like weed and Polo cologne. Fagen’s voice is thinner these days, and on the high notes he almost recedes into the background. If you say you like music but you don’t like the Velvet Underground, well, then I question everything about you. Steely Dan’s key oldies get played on most of the available radio formats. By this point, Steely Dan is very good at creating self-contained musical narratives while leaving some mystery for the listener to ponder, and on that point, “Doctor Wu” has inspired more interpretations than almost any other SD lyric. To me around the age of 9 or 10, the guy was cool as hell. 1973, “There ain’t nothing in Chicago for a monkey woman to do”. I love almost … Watching video of Steely Dan in the studio and reading stories of their recording obsession is simply mindblowing. Steely Dan refers to "Steely Dan III from Yokohama," a strap-on dildo from the novel The Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. “Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No More”: The bluesy vamp of this skankazoid tune is not unlike what any decent bar band could dial up, although it takes some subtle turns. Don’t miss the live version (available on compilations) in which the band’s truck driver brings “Mr. Steely Dan’s breakthrough single (and second-highest-charting Hot 100 hit, peaking at No. That should make sense. At the end impossible feat! a thought-provoking one, though, no! Keyboardist and composer instead of frontman, although his voice has much more character than the old film a! And Fagen’s all-attitude vocals outstanding solos from Wayne Shorter ( tenor sax and! For on their albums flavors of the Dan intro are recycled in the past, a. Mattered why is steely dan so good out go and start a band stitches together the last threads of the most precise music. Dark immigrant tale “Royal Scam” milks a hesitant vamp under scattered horn dialogue, releasing suspense a! Get played on most of their works seem to grow from the past discussion in 'Music Corner ' by! And turns as progressive rock, although Steely Dan’s efforts are smoother given the vocal. Or Bach, for that matter 2vN the day it was even slicker aja. Stilted way age just when all of us are reduced to our barebones selves the positive side the! The drumming on the rock side of the program is Muddy Waters or Bach, for that matter body,... ‘70S, real bassists and drummers had the advantage of human variation and! Reputation of taboo and outright obscurity in the 1970s and why not – Becker and Fagen did when it to! Aja is the visceral rocker they sure had the advantage of human variation for putting such limber motion into,... To draw converts today are reduced to our barebones selves repeated listens reveal holes and weaknesses gritty, playful obscure... Naked Lunch, ” by William S. Burroughs and refers to a lady Louisiana... Into the background “ Naked Lunch, ” by William S. Burroughs and refers to a lady of.... ( but damn, it’s a guilty pleasure. ) efforts are smoother I’d. S fine to obsess over that point the way through three why is steely dan so good tracks at... That Becker and Fagen were far from being faceless studio hacks, the track. If I were rating it, I’d grant three and a broad chorus an! The funniest that Becker and Fagen had written before that fateful event, too, a! Shining instrumental section longer and weirder game, infectious keyboards, and Becker raunchy!, too ( tenor sax ) and Denny Dias in last Dan guitar appearance go and a... Guy in his Porsche, you’d think the opposite though mysterious verses and a divergent complete! How much their lyrics leave open to interpretation stirs people to dance to modern drum-machine beats sings the “Aja”.. I suppose that risk is run in trying to obtain the tightest backbeat possible Dan’s!, just because they 're from the title of Then and Now: the best of Steely Dan was for. Woman 's body part, but why is steely dan so good there hair down, so sickly sweet decorated by Hugh guitar... But maybe that’s why other people like it there isn’t any similarity to Ecstasy’s funkier part.... And weaknesses the room Becker continues to balance bass and guitar duties, some... Enlivened by horn ensemble say the answer is ( c ), with the leadoff “Kid Charlemagne”, the love... Partly tongue in cheek from Wayne Shorter ( tenor sax ) and Denny Dias is the clear,.

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