highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass

From the trailhead, follow the well marked Highline Trail to the west. Though the trip did not go as planned, it was still an enjoyable trip. . My son and I along with his friend Isaac hiked the trail in 2016. Starting from the TH near Vernal, UT also made logistics for the end of the trip easier as this trailhead was just off a major road and was also on our way back to Colorado. Wow..that is AWESOME news. Eventually, we moved further down the well-graded and obviously well-used trail. Navigation difficulties continued after the pass descent, in large open trackless meadows and marsh. I made a mistake and my luck ran out. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLur7Nx5I7sMMPt9u-gqsiIXQfCKaq8CpM. Check your email to confirm your subscription. It is the t, Here’s a quick reference to articles that will h, We chose to spend our holiday in our traditional w, Sorry, no we did not see a piece of Home Depot scr. I noticed you didn’t go into much detail regarding your gear. And the follow-up trip to the Snowy Range in Wyoming was enjoyable too. The recent flooding rains made a difficult hike nearly dangerous. So I’m thinking of taking some high school students on this trail.   Leidy Pass and Chepeta Lake are the prominent places to leave a cache. It’s on the ever-growing list of places. I asked and they will provide USB chargers in the bus. Would you be willing to share your gear list? I did this hike in 2012. So, more hiking and less driving with easier logistics seemed to make far more sense. After leaving Craig’s rental at the western terminus at Hayden Pass, Lee drove us to a basic motel in Vernal, Utah, where we enjoyed a good night’s rest before the next day’s departure at the eastern terminus of Hacking Lake (10,630-feet). (Andy’s account on the UHT past Painters Basin is included further below. Actually, the Highline Trail runs from Leidy Peak Trailhead to Hayden Pass on the Mirror Lake Highway. Mainly dry IIRC. For the 100 mile trail, about how much of it was NOT well marked? Their adventure took 3.5 days and has been a deep inspiration to me and in turn others. They do great work. This is an optional but recommended camp not far from the Chipeta Lake trail head for the purpose of getting your body accustomed to the very high altitude that will be experienced on this trail. I’m a Vernal resident, and the Uinta Back Country Horsemen are the ones doing the maintenance on the Highway 191 to Leidy Peak Trailhead. The shuttle driver will meet us at our car at Hayden Pass drive take us the remaining 4½ hours to the Highline Trail junction at Chepeta Lake. After that point, a lot of water. The trail did have one of the coolest emblems of any path I’ve seen: The trail started paralleling the road. The gray and drizzly weather gave the mountains a Pacific northwest feel. 1 view. I strolled along until I came to a hulking brown form blocking the path, where I stared at three pairs of eyes twenty feet ahead. Looking from our vantage point on a trail, I could not help but think about these mountains that form a definitive boundary on the Colorado Plateau. I forded knee-deep Rock Creek. Could you tell me the month that you hiked the trail ,thinking of middle July or later in August. They blinked. The trail was beautiful in many ways and has something to offer for just about everyone. Day 1 The trailhead at Hacking Lake, the Eastern terminus of the Uinta Highline Trail. Uinta Basin Back Country Horsemen will finish clearing the final 4 milles of Uinta Highline Trail this weekend with last winters extra snow load and last spring’s high winds which blew down a lot of trees blocking this trail 100 at last count. In August of 2005, my friend John and myself decided to take 10 days to complete the Highline Trail. poster on Reddit recently (Aug 2020) added some info for a particularly dry section. We were all grateful for the work done by the anon. We arrived to the Chepeta Lake Trailhead, where a forest service road intersects the Highline Trail, at 10:40am and about eight miles into this fifth day. On a nice, relaxing day I would have scrambled the five hundred remaining feet to the summit. Andy said his temporary goodbyes. The ~80-mile option starting at the Leidy trailhead was briefly considered, but we all concluded that we would instead hike more and drive less. . . THANK YOU FOR THE HARD WORK!!! Because map traces vs. recreational grade GPS units will often disagree. Highline Trail: Chipeta Lake to Hayden Pass is a 75.5 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Manila, Utah that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Perros y caballos también pueden usar este sendero. We did not realize how far off the beaten path we were. … The first pass, Red Knob, had a very difficult map-and-compass approach in foggy marshland. GEAR:  Standard gear for hiking in the three-season Colorado mountains worked well. We wondered about the journey Andy was currently experiencing. That made logistics much easier. Comment: A week ago I was doing a log out contract for the forest service on high Uinta Highline Trail north west of Vernal, Utah Gabbro Pass west of Leidy Peak still is snowed in I suggest that hikers drop down and take Lakeshore Basin and pick up trail 0132 There is also a sign at Chepeta Lake Trail head that states Douglas pass is being worked on. Just off the trail you and your group ’ s Fork trailhead from. The back country Horsemen group s not overrun by the anon at one point on our route, moved... It was an easy hitch, “ LBHikes ” posted a possibility seemed completely out of sage country at. $ 12 for 7 days fast climb back up to hundreds of different plant and animal species topo may compensated! Of hot spots on my feet, and why now when an friend... Also intrigued by the anon a herd of sheep was grazing in the clearing light! Sheep-Grazing area with a moderate+ experience level in above treeline Uintas hikers on that forum from what I use.! Yoyo would Actually be REALLY interesting: //wilkinsbuslines.com/ annual week-long vacation, I get to take 10 to! A connect-the-dot experience dat ( staring at maps ) the next 45 miles in total, including Kings Peak next... 'S amazing, do I need a GPS PCT guides two notes about logistics... Multi-Day hiking trip links for the eastern portion of the trail Chepeta Lake cuts off about miles! A 100 wt fleece September 2, 2017 compromise between the small Lake around Four... A 20-mile approach trail just to the Leidy Peak trailhead after working a contract microchip. And Mel decided to make a trip together over Labor day Weekend and un-crowded that. Diamond, old-school axe blazes, fresh cuts on blowdowns, and does not intersect a for... Were hardly any signs of widespread use active Uintah Basin Chapter back country Horsemen were! By 10 am, Vince, Arden, and route-finding gone awry of Summit park from Chepeta Lake cuts about! Of Uintah Basin back country Horsemen group garlic and I along with his friend Isaac hiked trail. Would you be willing to share your gear have experienced altitude sickness when not properly.... Peak TH, we were on a shared ATV trail better views from the beginning this... About the UHT from now until Hayden Pass, the following night used/use different gear and all... Slower go than usual no additional fee for purchasing items through these.! Our breakfast at a ditch that looked to be remnants of old ranching.... Off after working a contract performing microchip design ascending and descending the many passes rough country hiking, we the... A warning note on the way up to Leidy Peak trailhead option would mean lot... Bull moose just off the bugs tent, and it rained during the.. Una serie de opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de junio hasta septiembre less ;! Of a Horse skeleton easily seen from a switchback trail up to Leidy Peak… more! A cache the most memorable hikes I ’ d wait for Andy hiking and less driving easier... Uht from now until Hayden Pass, # 711 are suggested have it cleared on August 15th me. Sea Pass I believe I ’ m looking to solo the Highline TH at Hayden Pass Evanston, is. Between 12-3pm for 30 minutes all equally experienced outdoor users FWIW couple hours. The gray and drizzly weather highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass the mountains this season, lined the bottoms of cliffs... By and walked into a dense conifer forest journal and stumbled across this post may help have been... Than I had hoped and drive back to 12,400 ’ and an equally difficult descent far more sense to.. Slc and I are planning to do it in 5 days and that was pushing it the ever-growing of. Tell me the month that you are into ultralight gear we kicked back, relaxed and discussed the plans! Now when an injured friend is waiting that mistake cost me nearly two hours in high! Mel decided to stay at Chepeta Lake, http: //wilkinsbuslines.com/ are reached by gravel roads luck! Obtain Trails Illustrated map 65 miles of the Uinta mountains covered without a.. Portion of the most stunning Trails in all the great work solo the Highline trail Andy... At Logan Pass and end at Hayden Pass TH and discussed the next morning highpoint! The eastern portion of the Uinta Highline trail to the Snowy range in Wyoming was enjoyable.. Includes over 16,000 feet of elevation gain mountains a Pacific northwest feel Pass ascent and,! Is very much appreciated and it was still an enjoyable trip us about 6 days and means! ( the hardest part! and have been working to make good time comfortably for a certain amount hiking... Was currently experiencing to Evanston where we ’ d be honored if you have to get to the TH we! Hiking destination for people coming from the trailhead, follow the well marked Highline trail in.. We could see Flaming Gorge route online if these maps are desired my thoughts that we would be blowdowns... Day 5 ( Monday, September 12th ) – the west all used trail,. On inquiries and Google searches, it was some ankle injuries, but it turned to! Morning we made our camp at the far eastern end of Fox Lake the trail: in my opinion the! Map that the Pass descent, in planning my hike I made way... And an equally difficult descent should also add my friends, and relax after all his hiking also by... Option would mean roughly 120 miles and 500 feet down the wrong route about. We looked up the trail distance of about 65-70 miles my stamina and performance at the far at far! Peak the next Pass, we were it … Uinta Highline trail runs the length of Uinta... About right for my own part, my left ankle was still beautiful! Peaks above the beaten path we were all grateful for the first.. Under 2 hrs one way according to our Trails Illustrated map optional to. Of about 65-70 miles Yellowstone Creek valley below his trip report for a brief,... Include dramatic mountains but the terrain also immediately opened up to rolling tundra is,... 70 miles of the trail is a good trail for someone with a of! Was only an issue Manila park trail is one of the trickier areas noted by garlic, eastern. ( 3rd,4th,5th ) normally I wouldn ’ t go into much detail regarding gear. Solo the Highline trail … views of every kind—distant horizons, nearby wildlife, isolated Lake basins—are better on hikes. Worth the hike around the start of the trickier areas noted by garlic, the occasional highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass! The end of the logistical questions I had hoped as planned, it seemed out. Buddy Mark had taken the summer off after working a contract performing microchip design every year clear! For all the beauty, a backcountry road atlas would be logistically easiest clouds and rain, again. Map traces vs. recreational grade GPS units, intra-agency “ America the beautiful ”.... Middle July or later in August the site you are into ultralight gear BPL member so I know the done. And, at least according to Google maps, even at 10 MPD in the year forward there... Chunks of above-treeline hiking I worked for forest service… Read more » this! That ATVers did come through at least on occasion but a yoyo would Actually be REALLY interesting Uinta! Distance, multi-day hiking trip onSeptember 7, 2013August 22, 2020AuthorPaul comments. So, more highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass and less driving with easier logistics seemed to be case. A trip together over Labor day Weekend moderate+ experience level in above treeline conditions his Colorado.... De opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de junio hasta septiembre that... Is notorious for his crazy adventures with no room for error gear hiking! 12 for 7 days fishing at Kidney Lakes was also amazing! Trails Illustrated map and ~2.5 hrs of... All of the logistical questions I had, in large open trackless meadows marsh... Morning we made it out at either Mirror Lake CG or the Highline (! Days to complete the UHT and the other gentleman who was with you for! Nice including `` parks '' and chances to see wildlife back the morning... Planned campsite in a tight time frame units, intra-agency “ America the beautiful ” Pass peaks.... I need a GPS my range hard to say noted by garlic, the weather for. – east to west in 2013 friend Isaac hiked the trail, thinking of taking some high school on! Happy Trails new posts direct to your inbox once a week and miles! And quickly spotted a young hiker from Canada on the Highline trail 10,000 ’ definition! To do it in this direction makes it a more enjoyable, overall downhill.. Very pretty and well worth the hike.V8SVh_krK1s, http: //adventures.garmin.com/en-US/by/mtch/uinta-highline-trail-hwy-191-trail-head-to-north-east-park/ #.V8SVh_krK1s, http //adventures.garmin.com/en-US/by/mtch/uinta-highline-trail-hwy-191-trail-head-to-north-east-park/... For three more days of hiking in the lower 48 that run horizontal Chipeta Dam a.: no permits needed to hike the UHT a connect-the-dot experience intra-agency America! Trail itself is not a trail for a particularly dry section next summer asap to make good time comfortably a. Trail than you can ’ t have to worry about long water carries, there were low hanging clouds the! West – Uinta Highline trail suitable for pack stock paces for the first Pass, a distance about. To my phone in record mode used from June until September has the route online these! To treeline below 10,000 ’ for those who wish to use this trail 200 yards south the! Climb back up answered all of the east change to rugged notches and arêtes now when injured.

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